You do not have permission to view this directory or page


hii, i am not able to start my website i have uploaded the files by filezilla client and when i press on add clousite a new tab opens up with ‘you do not have permission to view this directory or page’ kindly help


What type of app did you install when creating your site?
And then, what type of app did you upload?
If they are conflicting technologies then you will have to properly configure you site to run the diff stack.


how can i do it please explain


Log into your AppCloud account and then click on “CloudSites.” After that pick your site name. Then click on “Config.” That page will tell you what version of the framework your site is configured for. Now make sure that it matches the version you developed against. That info will be in your Visual Studio files.


Generally this is because the Default Document is not being uploaded to the correct default root folder: /site/wwwroot/

If you are still having issues please open a support ticket and we can take a look: