What is Octane and do I need its connection strings

See Overriding Connection Strings. Does that apply to websites using ASP.Net Web Forms? The article says “the issue you’re experiencing”. I am not sure what issue that is. How does the author know what I am experiencing? That article probably does not apply to me so it would help if it could say something so I know to ignore it.

What makes things more confusing is that there are connection strings when I execute in GearHost but the relevant connection string is wrong.

If you can take a screenshot, which one is easier to know which one you want to express clearly?


Yes this does apply to ASP.NET Web forms. This article does not apply to you most likely unless you have the connection-string variable configured in the config tab on your cloud-site.

The connection strings in the Portal allow you to override existing connection strings which are already defined in the web.config. If your web.config does not contain a connection string with the same name as the one configured in the portal, it will not be added and be accessible at run time. This might be the issue you’re experiencing.

I think the article should say that it is possible to configure connection strings. Also the LocalSqlServer connection string seems to be nothing useful; the default is not useful and I have been unable to override it. So listing the connection strings as shown in that article is useless without doing something more and the article should say so. Fortunately for myself I have figured out how to configure connection strings using Web Deploy so that the application is compatible with both local testing and uploaded to a host and I will upload an article to my web site later today.

See Modifiying a Connection String in a Web Deploy. That is my web site and article. it can be used to write an article for this site if you want to. The article began as an answer in StackOverflow but it was me that wrote that. Since there are many other possibilities for transformations there is more that can be added to the subject but I hope that what I have is helpful for others.