Welcome to the GearHost Forums (READ THIS FIRST)


Welcome to the GearHost Community! These forums are a place for discussion about building, deploying and managing applications on GearHost as well as general development best practices


In its initial rollout, the forums are only hosting a limited set of categories, though we welcome your input on other topics in the meta category.


Though GearHost employees are active in the forums, the forums are not an official support channel. If you have an application-specific issue or are experiencing downtime please support a support ticket instead.


The GearHost Community is a place of civility and respect. See the full rules and guidelines if you are unsure of that what means.


Why do you need access to my GearHost account login?
The community uses OAuth with a limited identity scope to authenticate users. The forums do not have access to your applications or account with this scope. We only use OAuth to get your GearHost account email address for the purpose of registration.

Why so few categories?

This is an early stage version of the community, as such, we are testing with a limited set of categories. As adoption grows, and as your questions indicate a broader interest, we will expand the categories.

There’s no good category for my question. What do I do?

If you have a topic that doesn’t fit into one of the existing categories, that’s ok! You have to options:

  • Create a new topic and just leave it uncategorized
  • Create a new topic in the meta category asking about the appropriateness of the subject for the forums

We will be looking to the community for guidance on what categories we should support, so please choose one of the above to make your voice heard.


We want to thank you for being an active member on the GearHost Community and look forward to any feedback you might have.