Using GoogleDomain



Currently my website is using

I’ve recently picked up a google domain - how can I go about setting my site up to use this in place of the gearhostpreview one?


How much experience do you have with creating web sites? I assume none so you should read some articles about that.

In Google you need to click on the DNS icon for your domain. Then choose “Use custom name servers”, then click on the “Edit” button. See GearHost Nameservers for the nameservers to use in the Google DNS. Be sure to click on Save after you change the nameservers.

After making that change if you see “It looks like you’ve changed your name servers” then ignore that. It is a good thing that you changed the nameservers but the message makes it sound as if it is not good.

It is normal for DNS changes like that to take a couple of hours to be effective. The change must go out to computers in many other countries. If there is not a problem then the updates will likely propagate to most countries in a couple of hours.

I am new to GearHost so I don’t know the details about GearHost but there are other DNS configurations that are needed and probably you need to make the changes in GearHost.


Delayed I know, but thank you for taking the time to reply!

You’re correct, no experience on the web side of things - this is my first foray. Usually a desktop dev.

Will do as you say and have a play. Thanks!