Using BundleConfig.cs for styling and js files not working

I’m trying the free account to make some hosting decisions. I deployed a simple website with an email form that saves email form info to a db. On my localhost all is well…styling and js scripts are rendered correctly. When I deployed via web deploy from VS, my styling and js script files are not being referenced when the html is rendered. In the app, I used BundleConfig.cs to reference all css and js files.

Has anyone else ran into this issue? Is there something I’m missing? I can see the files in Filezilla…Appreciate any help.

Thank you

In your browser, view the page source and make sure the styling references are correct in your page

That’s just the thing…they are not referenced at all in the rendered html. It’s like the bundleconfig.cs is not being used at all…yet it’s part of the project that is deployed and the css and js are being referenced in the rendered html on the local host.

I’m using a bundle config in my application and it deploys just fine. I’m using the publish function in visual studio to deploy my application.

How are you deploying your application?