Support for .NET Core 3

Now that .NET Core 3 has been released, I’m curious if there is a timeline for when it will be supported here, or at very least updated documentation on how to release self-contained deployments for .NET Core 3.


We are in the process of updating our platform which will allow native support for all .NET Core versions. We anticipate this to be released by Q1 2020. We can probably get you an early beta/alpha access. Could you open a support ticket for this? I’ll get you added to the list.

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See above thread :slight_smile:

Hello I have developed my application in .net core 3.1 version and I am trying to deploy on gear host but it gives me below error. Anyone have idea how to resolve it. Can Gear host provide .Net core 3.1 support.

The specified CGI application encountered an error and the server terminated the process.


Tonight we’re releasing support for .NET Core native packages. You will be able to upload them without having to do a self contained publish. In addition support for the latest .NET Core versions including .NET Core 3.1

Is there any config I need to do to enable it? I recently uploaded a newly created .Net Core 3.1 website but the page just shows “The page cannot be displayed because an internal server error has occurred.”

Thank you.

This is done on our new hosting environment. Please open a ticket and we’ll enable it on your account.