Problems setting up cakephp project

Hello, I’ve uploaded an empty cakephp3 project to my site. I was able to load it on my localhost before and when i checked the index page of the project, it said that everything was good. But once i upload it to GearHost, it get an error saying “URL rewriting is not properly configured on your server.”

I’ve had this error before on the localhost side and I fixed it by modifying certain files in apache.
Instructions here:

But since this is now a remote server, I don’t know how to access the apache files. How can i do this?

Hello @devroho !

I read the instructions from the link you’ve provided. We’re not running Apache as we’re on an IIS environment. You would actually need to follow the steps under IIS7 (Windows hosts). You can create a web.config file in /wwwroot/ and add the code that they’ve provided in your link.

Yes, thanks, i made a ticket earlier and got the same answer and it worked! Just didn’t know how to close this topic.

Glad to hear you got it working! There’s no need to, if someone has a similar issue they can read this post. :smile: