.net core 1.1 deployment trouble

I have a troubles deploying .net core 1.1 web app. I used publish config provided by documentation for VS2017 and after publish i got HTTP Error 502.5 - Process Failure error in browser. Any suggestions how to correct deploy .net core 1.1 apps or how to fix this error. Thanks.

I am not sure if .net core is supported by GearHost.

If i’m not wronk you need compile it as SCD:

GearHost don’t have core framework available yet, the you can compile it as FDD

As others have mentioned you have to deploy it as self contained. The process is a bit tricky to get. THe other link is good, but here is a detailed walkthrough that I created as well. http://mitchelsellers.com/blogs/2017/04/27/publishing-aspnet-core-applications-to-azure-action-pack-hosting.aspx