Latest Node Versions?

Are there plans to update the NodeJS version to the latest (4 or 5). Currently the config is at 0.10.32 and changing this doesn’t seem to affect what version a node app can use

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Hello @designerdeveloper,

Just recently we’ve updated NodeJS to version 5.1.1.
If you wish to change to a specific version, please click on the following guide.

Thanks! This is key to not have to worry about moving to another service. I’m going to test a few frameworks.

Will Sockets be enabled on the free instance? or is the shared instance required?

You’re welcome, Correct web sockets are only available in Standard (Shared), or Reserved instance.

@Monroy - how are the node versions kept up to date? For example, the latest supported Node version is 5.1.1 but the latest released version is 5.5.0.

Is this a limitation with what the azure sites engine supports?

@designerdeveloper This is a limitation of the Kudu subsystem of CloudSites but you should be able to run your own custom version of Node like we allow for PHP or .NET. You would need to upload that version to your CloudSite /site/bin folder then set a mapping for .js files in your Config tab.

Hello, Ryan,

Are there any plans to upgrade Node.js to newer versions any time soon?


I was able to upgrade my node version fairly easily based on Ryan’s suggestion - let me know if you have any questions, but I think Gearhost should supply a knowledgebase doc on this :slight_smile:

I’m currently working on it. I’ve uploaded Node v7.4 to the site/bin/nodejs folder. How do I set the mapping for .js files Ryan mentioned?

I appreciate your help!

In the config section under Handler Mappings add the following:

Extension: .js
Script Processor Path: bin/node.exe

I did just that, did not work for whatever reason. I’ve figured out how to achieve the same thing in the web.config file.


Is there any tutorial on how did you implemented?