I can get the php files from my app



Excuse my English.

I do tests with an app made in phonegap. In the godaddy hosting Ajax requests to the server it is operating normally. But to change the server and place the url gearhost php file, I have no answer, I get a 404 not found.

When testing the direction of the php page in the browser works well.

What URL should I use to access my php that are cloud from my app? The URL works normal or should I use some api? Thank you!


Hello @andresreyesdiaz ,

I’ve sent you an e-mail regarding some syntax errors I found in a .php file.
Please reply to your e-mail whenever you can get to it.


Hello! thanks for your help.

Please try with this link, everything looks fine in browser:

but from my app, when i send the request to that url i got a 404 error (not found)…

the code from my app is this:
$.post(“http://withyou.gear.host/withyou_cargarchat.php”,{ rt : ruta, userid : idusuario, sms : nw_msg_array},

I already add the domain to my whitelist on my app, so: