How to allow Access-Control-Allow-Origin in PHP?

I need to load font on the server side


@font-face {
font-family: Avenir;
src: url('avenir-lt-std-roman.otf');}

Could you open a support ticket regarding this. We will need more information as you say you are trying to do this via PHP but are using html files.

@RobertG sorry i mean apache server

i try to access hta access file

so i can configure it


i read on QA site

that i have to write Access-Control-Allow-Origin in hta access file

so how to do this if gearhost doesn supports the hta access file


.htaccess is used for apache web servers. Our servers use IIS, the web.config is similar to .htaccess but the code will be different. You can use a converter like

Keep in mind these converters are not always accurate.