How do I set a connection string to my SQL Server database?


I just want to connect my app to my sql server database, as simple as that. The cloudsite config could generate this automatically for you.


Simply goto Databases then select the database in question and build your connection string from the information on that page. Let us know if you need any help.


I’ve uploaded my asp website and mssql database but I couldn’t edit connection string. I can visit my home page but can’t login due to unavailability of database connection. So where to find connection string & how how to edit my web.config.


@pradeepyagik You might want to open a new thread and post and example of what you are trying to do. You can edit your web.config file with any text editor to make the necessary changes for your connection string. Most .NET applications will store this in the web.config file however they could have their own file location for prebuilt software. If using another technology such as PHP make sure to make the change there. For example WordPress (PHP) stores it’s connection string in a file called wp-config.php.


Uh yeah, how about an example because I have tried 50 variations and nothing works?!