How can I update my site with Github?

I don’t understand the process here… I authorized GearHost for Github (or the other way around) to directly push the latest commit in my master branch to the GearHost server, but how do I update my site if I have a new commit? Whenever I go to publish (on GearHost), it just lists the previous commit instead of the new commit. How can I force GearHost to get the new commit on Github without resetting the password and authorization everytime? Any help would appreciated.

New commits should show up automatically on the portal. When you hover over them a button should popup to the right. Once clicked this will publish the new commit.

Oh dang… I wish I saw the email notification earlier… sorry about the late reply.

Anyway, what you’re describing doesn’t happen. It doesn’t update the project with my new commit and I also can’t hover anywhere and make buttons appear. When I check the webhook, I see that the deliveries were successful, but the changes just wont show up on my website.

Can you open a support ticket so I can take a look at this?