How can I publish my core 2 project?


How can I publish my core 2 project?
I’m trying to run it at
But it’s not working

they told me to use SCD, and I added:
<runtimeidentifiers> win10-x64 </ runtimeidentifiers>
But it’s not working

what am I doing wrong?
What am I missing?



Did you publish all the required DLLs into your bin folder? Then did you reference those DLLs in your web.config settings file? Try this instead:


thank you very much Abraham,
I have solved it.



I tried follow the link in [] in publishing as scd then i copy the files to filezila, but it does not work. can share how u did it? Mine is core MVC


To publish core follow this guide:

If you are still having issues please open a support ticket in your portal.