GDPR Compliance

Now that GDPR is in effect, is there a data processing agreement available?

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So you want a standard privacy policy that you can paste onto your website? Well I don’t know of any that exist, but I do have a lot of resources that explain GDPR so that you can write your own.

Here is a link of the list of GDPR resources I have found:

Basically you need explicit consent in order to collect and use a customer’s personal info. Personal info is anything that can be used to identify a user like email or name. Once you have gained consent to use their data in a certain way, you cannot then use that same data in a different way. If you want to do that you have to obtain new consent. Also, when you see a website that says, “By continuing to use our site you are agreeing to our privacy policy”, that is no longer good enough for the GDPR. A user MUST click on an accept button after you disclose your intent to collect and use their personal info.

You can also read my privacy policy: