Email Sending with mail() function

I was trying to create a ticket but it just spins when I click [Create Ticket] so I’m trying my luck here.

Is it possible to send emails using free account?

I’m trying to use a simple PHP mail() function to send an email to myself (for testing, obviously). However when I load the page with the script I never receive the email. I have checked all of my folders (spam/junk).
Below is my PHP script.

<?php $to = "{myemailaddress@domain.topdomain}"; $subject = "Test Subject"; $msg = "Test email."; mail($to,$subject,$msg); Previously tried using even more complex methods to no avail, so I tried to go real simple with the mail() function. Am I missing something?

What mail server did you use?

No it is not possible to send email on the free account using GearHost SMTP servers. Think of the amount of SPAM people would try to use the service for. You need to use something like Mandrill or SendGrid. Both offer free accounts and are easy to use. Or go to a paid CloudSite.