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How to add my domain name for * website


Hello @petrov,

Please follow the guide here. You simply select your CloudSite>Domains>Add Domain.


Hello @petrov!

Just wanted to add on to the topic. If you have already purchased a domain or would like to register one, you can connect that domain to your website on GearHost. All you do is create a new website, click to open the control panel for that domain, go to the “Domains” tab and then type in your domain. Once that is done, you will have to change your domain Name servers to: and Then, visit the domain. If you installed a website on the domain, you will see it there. Otherwise, you will see a hosting page. This will go away once a website is installed via FTP.

Hope that helps!

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And for those in the future interested in this, the order seems critical. I configured the DNS for a domain to use the GearHost nameservers and that configuration did not propagate, not for a few hours and it probably would not happen. Then as soon as I added the domain to the domains listed for my GearHost account, Bam! The nameservers were propagated to everywhere in the world in seconds, except not in Texas, The UK and Thailand. I assume that will happen soon.

So yes, add the domain to the domains for GearHost first, as specified above. But don’t panic if the update is not instantaneous.