Creating an SSL certificate to use with my gearhost site


So I’m currently using a free website to get to grips with web development from more than just a code perspective.

I’ve got myself a google domain, and have got it using that domain. I now want to add an SSL certificate to my gearhost site.

I purchased one from and in order to create it I need to provide two things, an Automated Authentication Option via one of an email, an http file an https file or CNAME. Given I don’t have an email - I’ve got the options of http file or CNAME. How can I do this via Gearhost?

I also need to provide an Input CSR - again, can anyone provide me with info on how to do this via gearhost?



You can upload html files using FileZilla. Make sure you put it in the directory they require. The root directory is /site/wwwroot/

You can also go the CNAME route by adding the cname they require via the DNS Zone Editor:

You can follow this guide to generate a CSR: