Create a Domain - How do you use it?


Hi All

Sorry about my limited knowledge, this is was I want to do?

  1. Create a Domain in my cloudsite - Done.
  2. Create SSL (Let’s Encrypt)
  3. When I try to step 2 I get this message:

Domain is not pointing to this CloudSite (

I am presuming my Domain is not setup correctly do I need to add a record to my domain to link with my cloudsite or some other parameter?




Could you confirm what domain you are trying to add? You will need to point the domain to &


Do you know how to change nameservers? That must be done in the domain name registrar and since we don’t know who your registrar is we can’t be more specific. The reply from RobertG tells you waht to use for the nameservers.

Tell us what you have done and what is the result.