cloudSites down?


My cloudSites are all down for everybody, I tried to use different ip address and pc to visit my sites hosted by gearhost but unfortunately they are all down.


I am having the same issue. Oct 5th. (9am Eastern Time)


It’s ok now, down for almost a half hour, I wonder what happened?


That was weird, just like the back-end services dead for a long time and restart now


Yep… mine came back up too. What’s weird is… just a few minutes after you… maybe they reboot a bunch of things :expressionless:


Mee too, but I Stop and Start them and the now are Ok
First I recicle, but this not work

Y hoppe this tip be useful…


thank u anyway, it’s work now


I too am having intermittent problems with cloudsites being down. Then when I go to log in to, that won’t load either, so it’s obviously a system-wide issue.

Any updates as to when this will be fixed?



My cloudsites are down too. Looks like GearHost is having “Cloudsite Intermittent Issues” per the server status page.


This has been resolved. If you are still having any issues please create a support ticket or email directly.