Anyone else seeing intermittent outages?


Since about this past Saturday the 13th, I have been seeing intermittent failures to my website. Most of the down times are “that” long, like 5 or 10 minutes here and there. But given that this is happening multiple times a day to me makes me worry. (Also I just checked and I had one for about an hour today). I am using Azure Availability Tests to make sure that my site is up and running. Is anyone else seeing this? Is this just what I get for being in the Hobby scale?


All my cloudsites are offline at 11pm Mountain on 10/16.
Sad trombone.


Desde Chile mucha intermitencia, desde hace dos semanas
Nunca habia ocurrido esto antes
Evaluando cambio de proveedor si esto se mantiene

From Chile a lot of intermittence, from two weeks ago
This had never happened before
Evaluating change of provider if this is maintained



Our engineers published an update this morning. We have been working around the click with Microsoft for this fix and we are VERY confident that this will resolve the problem.

If you are still experiencing issues please open a support ticket so we can assist. We thank you for your patience while we resolve this.


Thanks Robert! Where can I find this and future updates? Just so that I can keep track of things as they get resolved.


You can find this from our status page: