About the deployment strategy


I have a PHP app, and there is an index.php at the root. Simply copy files to site\wwwroot will works.
But I got an error.

remote: Updating branch 'master'.
remote: Updating submodules.
remote: Preparing deployment for commit id '2dc6225400'.
remote: The project file "php_xxtea.vcproj" is in the ".vcproj" file format, which MSBuild no longer supports. Please convert the project by opening it in the
Visual Studio IDE or running the conversion tool, or use MSBuild 3.5 or earlier to build it.
remote: Error - Changes committed to remote repository but deployment to website failed.

So I delete ThinkPHP/Library/Vendor/phpRPC/pecl/xxtea/php_xxtea.vcproj and ThinkPHP/Library/Vendor/phpRPC/pecl/xxtea/php_xxtea.sln. Then it works.

remote: Generating deployment script.
remote: Running deployment command...
remote: Handling Basic Web Site deployment.
remote: KuduSync.NET from: 'C:\home\site\repository' to: 'C:\home\site\wwwroot'
remote: Copying file: 'web.config'
remote: Finished successfully.
remote: Running post deployment command(s)...
remote: Deployment successful.

Those two files belong to the framework I use, and it’s useless to me. So currently I have no issue with my website.

But I’d like to know whether it’s appropriate to change the deployment strategy from this case. Or at least document it.