About MSSQL pricing

Hello! Is MSSQL included in Standard hosting plan ($5/mo) and which is DB size? Info on Pricing page is somewhat unclear to me…

Hello! The MSSQL standard plan is separate than the cloudSite standard hosting plan and has two options: the free for life and the standard option which is $5/month. MSSQL dbs have 10mb storage on the free plan and 1GB scalable limit on the standard plan. It is an additional $1/month beyond the first GB. Let us know if you have any more questions!

Here’s a break down of the pricing

How to increase MSSQL standard hosting database size, e.g 1 more GB?
I didn’t see any option in the control panel to add more space to my database.

Thank you

Your database will grow as needed. There is no need to add more space. Our billing system will detect when you go over 1GB and charge you as needed for the additional space. This can happen up to 10GB. Past that you need to open a support ticket. Please let us know if you need anything further.